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Re: [eclipse-dev] 30/03/2021 Status request ECLIPSE SOFTWARE


About Eclipse Neon (released June 28th, 2017; 12 releases took place since then):
* Maintained/Supported: Older releases are not supported by the project; New release is supported (bug reports get processed, but without SLA regarding fixes). , You may find some specific software service provider that may be ready to support an older release, or latest one.
* Downloadable: Yes
* Corrective versions: No, Eclipse Project is releasing new versions every 3 months, which contain bugfixes and new features. The new release is the only one that the community can claim as supported. The project is open to backporting changes to older branch of the source code, but not really in building/shipping binaries for those versions since this requires a lot of effort that the project prefers spending on other topics.
* New version: 2021-03 (1 new version every 3 months)
* Downloadable: Yes
* Free or Paid services: community supports latest release (process bug reports and tries to fix them but does not commit any SLA); some user support channels are available with some advanced users supporting others (Eclipse forums, other forums, StackOverflow...) but those are now "owned" by the project); some commercial support can be bought from software services vendors.

Eclipse project cannot tell for the state of JAD project.

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