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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Roland Grunberg on Eclipse JDT Language Server has started

A committer election for Roland Grunberg on project Eclipse JDT Language
Server ( was started by Jinbo Wang with this criteria:

Roland Grunberg has helped refactor multiple JDT features for use by JDT.LS
since the early days of the JDT.LS project, and has recently returned to the
JDT.LS project and been contributing critical fixes and features. I'm glad to
see him back and admire his previous expertise as a JDT project committer,
which is beneficial to JDT.LS. I look forward to Roland's further
contributions in the future.

Below are the commit history from Roland's solid contribution: - Filter 'sun.*' packages
out of completion type results. - Treat TimeoutException
the same as UncheckedTimeoutException. - Suppress CoreException
thrown by TokenScanner when EOF reached. - Improve tracing
capability of m2e through m2e.logback.configuration. - Created type doesn't
implement sealed interface. - Add code actions to
support new Java 15 modifiers on permitted class. - Use CodeGeneration and
GetterSetterUtil from o.e.jdt.core.manipulation. - Use StubUtility from
o.e.jdt.core.manipulation. - Use
NecessaryParenthesesChecker from o.e.jdt.core.manipulation. - Use SurroundWithAnalyzer
from o.e.jdt.core.manipulation. - Use
OrganizeImportsOperation in o.e.jdt.core.manipulation.

It's my pleasure to nominate Roland Grunberg as an Eclipse JDT.LS committer.

Eclipse JDT Language Server project committers can click the election link
below to vote.



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