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[eclipse-dev] Project Lead election for Mickael Istria on Eclipse Platform

A project lead election for Mickael Istria on project Eclipse Platform
(eclipse.platform) was started by Alexander Kurtakov with this criteria:

I would like to nominate Mickael Istria for Project lead.
He has been fulfilling this role for such period by making sure our processes
are more and more streamline, do the needed interactions and driving changes
through the whole stack for the benefit of the project. Main force behind
many of the game changers in the last few years that keep Eclipse a good IDE
and RCP platform - Generic Editor (and technologies on it like LSP4E and
various projects on top of both), Unit test view, outstanding work in making
the project be working good on Java 11+, improved Quick Access, Project
Explorer improvements and so on.
I can continue with listing things but the point is that all these changes
have been coordinated and executed in a way that benefited the project in
non-questionable way and he managed to get others on board and lead them
towards better project like a true Project Lead would do.
Please support me in welcoming him!

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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