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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Kenneth Styrberg on Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) has started

A committer election for Kenneth Styrberg on project Eclipse Java development
tools (JDT) (eclipse.jdt) was started by Roland Grunberg with this criteria:

I'd like to nominate Kenneth Styrberg (kenneth@xxxxxxx) as committer on the
eclipse.jdt project.

Kenneth is not a committer on any other projects [1], but he has been
making many contributions to JDT UI, where his focus has been on bugs in
refactoring workflows, and various quick fixes/assists. I've seen him
address many issues in bugzilla that would not have otherwise received
attention. I think he would make a great addition to the team.

I've compiled a list of his jdt.ui contributions below and they can also be
viewed from Gerrit [2].

5332259e21 Bug 491541 - [pull up] cannot pull up field with different
2cc97af8e2 Bug 355327 - [pull up] Disables field hiding
13c2ae8bfa Bug 343420 - [quick fix] Wrong 'static final' suggestion
525a7d5d73 Bug 240353 - [extract superclass] generates compile errors
d02623b418 Bug 151479 - [surround with try/catch] proposes Exception
1f4cb2aac3 Bug 127984 - [introduce indirection] creates compile errors
23d5d73213 Bug 271094 - [quick fix] QuickFix for creating enum constructor
206beb62a9 Bug 530081 - [quick assist] Convert lambda to method reference
c454e6f6fe Bug 50061 - [extract method] superflous return statement
4e7be8c78f Bug 394726 - [pull up] Pull up adds redundant qualifier
8b84a4c483 Bug 394726 - [pull up] Pull up introduces type mismatch
d0aa457f26 Bug 476016 - [1.8] Delegate methods generates illegal code
7ca5b805d3 Bug 83544 - [quick fix] initialize final field
c0395861fa Bug 513404 - [clean up] Remove unused local variables
afee8decd5 Bug 531501 - Remove curly braces after removing dead code
e4738e9a11 Bug 546302 - [quick assist] Fix issue with getter field access
2d1003c23b Bug 232920 - [quick assist] 'Generate getter and setter'
e6d6a61203 Bug 343121 - Quickfix to open all required closed projects
8e2462c419 Bug 245096 - [typing] JavaDoc autocompletion fails for specific
14c039ac2b Bug 232920 - [quick assist] 'Generate getter and setter'
abd791d782 Bug 543183 - Add Javadoc generation for generic types of methods
dc8a4ad8db Bug 177195 - Encapsulating a field referenced by a super call.
313b1eabb8 Bug 67286 - [typing] "Source | Format" followed by "Source |
Remove Block Comment"
bcc76f3d9a Bug 67286]


Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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