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[eclipse-dev] Parallel builds (Photon+)



I have some questions regarding the parallel builder support in Eclipse Photon. I am developer on the Eclipse TEA project, which has build orchestration support. It basically calculates all non-conflicting (dependency-wise) plugin projects (PDE, JDT) in the workspace and creates groups of plugins which could in theory be compiled in parallel (see [1] and [2] if you’re interested). If I have understood this correctly, there is currently no parallel build support for JDT and PDE builders, right? Even worse, as I have understood [3] and [4], the planned “parallel” support is constructed in a way which would not allow to build two projects of the respective nature (JDT, PDE) in parallel, but only /other/ project types.


Is there any more info, anything I missed? Anything I could help with (although I have nearly no time to do so xD)? We have ~750 PDE (which also includes the JDT nature) projects. The grouping mechanism in TEA manages to group them into individual groups of 5-20 projects each which have no dependencies on each other (so which could – again: in theory – be compiled in parallel). It would be VERY beneficial for our build times if we could do so







Thankful for any info/hint … J







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