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[eclipse-dev] Committer Election for Lucas Bullen on PDE - Plugin Development Environment has started

A committer election for Lucas Bullen on project PDE - Plugin Development
Environment (eclipse.pde) was started by Vikas Chandra with this criteria:

I am nominating Lucas Bullen for commit rights to PDE.  Lucas has contributed
addition of source tab (Generic TP editor)  of target definition editor and
has made numerous improvements in that. His fixes has been of high quality
and he has been very responsive. I hope Lucas contributes more in this area.
Also I expect him to contribute to other aspects of PDE as well.

Below is the list of bugs that Lucas has worked and fixed in the past few

532249 	PDE 	UI  [Generic TP Editor] Add attributes to content assist
inserted tags

531598 	PDE 	UI  [Generic TP Editor] When loading an existing .target file,
editor won't just load IUs automatically 	

531602 	PDE 	UI  [Generic TP Editor] .target file formatting munged by
editor. Good or bad?

531918 	PDE 	UI  Code completion in the target editor should allow to filter	

528707 	PDE 	UI  [Generic TP Editor] Auto update version numbers when
updating URL	

531226 	PDE 	Doc [TP Editor] Update help to reflect addition of source tab

531210 	PDE 	UI  Target File Source Editor unreadable with dark theme	

531212 	PDE 	UI  Open target editor to source tab when opening empty target

529467 	PDE 	UI  Move genericeditor.extension tests to own project

528706 	PDE 	UI  Generic TP editor breaks with attributes on subsequent lines

520004 	PDE 	UI  Generic TP editor autocompletion does not respect tag

527084 	PDE 	UI  Generic TP editor autocompletion breaks with comments

522317 	PDE 	UI  Support environment arguments tags in Generic TP editor

520218 	PDE 	UI  [Generic Editor] Comment highlighting broken in Generic
Target Definition Editor

520216 	PDE 	UI  [Generic Editor] Add generic target definition editor as a
tab in the main target definition editor

520017 	PDE 	UI  Add folding support for Generic Target Definition editor

PDE - Plugin Development Environment project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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