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Re: [eclipse-dev] [platform-dev] Eclipse Photon RC2 reminders

On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 2:12 PM, Daniel Megert <daniel_megert@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For RC2 two committers (excluding the one who made the fix) are needed to give the +1 and also do the review. For details see

Ok, but while Alex did explain me in more details in this case it would involve the contributor + 3 committers, I don't think this can be infered from the explanation in the initial email, here or in the link.
The comment here is written in a way that seems to assume that only a committer can push a patch; and this is not true at all. Especially in those particular cases, the submitter isn't a contributor.
The doc should be reworked in words that says that in any case, 3 committers (may include the submitters) needs to approve the change.
Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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