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Re: [eclipse-dev] Run Eclipse with PDE from source


2) Run the resulting binaries, load my PDE projects into it and reproduce the problem under debugger.
I'm not sure I fully understand your question, but I've added an hopefully helpful note to explaining where you can find the resulting products.
But your use-case seems to be a good candidate for usage of a PDE target platform to reference existing products as target (rather than rebuilding them). See
4) Build an installer from the resulting sources and replace my existing installation with it.
The Eclipse Platform and PDE projects allow to build an archive of an RCP application and a p2 repository. It doesn't include anything about an installer. If you want to get an installer from an RCP application, I recommend you to get in touch with the Oomph community or additional software to create installers.
5) A side issue: since m2eclipse doesn't support all the Maven plugins used in the build, it's unclear how to work with the sources from Eclipse.
The Maven configuration of Platform is expected to just follow the PDE part, so when developing, you don't have to care about Maven as PDE has control.

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