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[eclipse-dev] Run Eclipse with PDE from source

I cannot figure out how to do subj. After having wasted 3 days trying and scanning the docs, it's probably excusable now to ask you for some pointers.

The situation:
I'm porting some old plugin to run in Neon and have run into a showstopping bug in ( ; btw you might be able to answer the main question there which is not about the bug).
So, now I need to:
1) Build Eclipse from the latest sources from Git (done)
2) Run the resulting binaries, load my PDE projects into it and reproduce the problem under debugger.
3) Fix the source, rebuild, make sure the problem goes away and there are no other blockers.
4) Build an installer from the resulting sources and replace my existing installation with it.
Only then can I continue my work.
5) A side issue: since m2eclipse doesn't support all the Maven plugins used in the build, it's unclear how to work with the sources from Eclipse.

* -- explains how to build the sources from console but says nothing about 2), 4) and 5).
* Guessing the command line to run from source -- as per the SO question, running the .jar's directly requires many unknown arguments, so I'll definitely be running into sorts of issues if guessing around. The command line from the question cannot be used (even without -agentlib). The resulting directory tree is completely different from a normal installation so, predictably, just finding an eclipse.exe and running it doesn't work.
* -- explains how to install some unspecified build (probably nightly) of specific components but says nothing about the sources corresponding to what I'm suppposed to be running. The "UI" component mentioned in the "Setting up your SDK" section is not present in the corresponding dialog now and the PDE component is present but cannot be selected.

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