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[eclipse-dev] Please re-fetch R4_6_2 tags

[If you didn't fetch/pull from an Eclipse SDK or Equinox repo between 2016-12-20 and 2016-12-22 or today (2017-01-03), you're not affected by this problem.]

Via Bug 509540, we've automated the tagging process for official Eclipse SDK and Equinox releases.

Unfortunately, the creation of annotated tags for Neon.2 initially didn't work as expected. As a result, there were periods when the git.eclipse.org repos had un-annotated or manually created annotated tags for R4_6_2. All these tags were created off the M20161124-1400 tags, so they all pointed to the right commits.

Git considers tags to be non-modifiable, so a normal fetch or pull will not update changed tags in your local repository. To get the final tags, you have to delete them locally and then re-fetch them.

Here's a Bash one-liner that deletes all R4_6_2 tags in local Git repos. Run it in the directory that contains all your cloned repos:

$ find . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d -print -exec git --git-dir={}/.git tag -d R4_6_2 \;

On the next fetch or pull, you will get the final tags.

Sorry for the inconvenience
The Eclipse Releng team