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[eclipse-dev] Announcing the Release of Eclipse (4.6.2) and Equinox(Neon.2)

Hi Everyone


Unfortunately I sent out wrong N&N in my previous mail. Here is the updated announcement

We are pleased to announce that Neon.2 is available for download and updates.
The bits are obtainable from the URLs below, but you can also read about it in the
New and Noteworthy document for this release.
If you are interested in some technical details, please see the
Eclipse Project 4.6 Readme.

While it is hard to thank everyone, by name, who has helped us with this release, we have made our best attempt at that in our

Eclipse downloads:

Update existing (non-production) installs:

Specific repository good for building against:

Equinox specific downloads:

Our deliverables serve as the foundation for the all-in-one packages available from the
main Eclipse Foundation's download site.

Thank you to everyone who made this Neon.2 release possible.

Thanks and Regards,

Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti
IBM India Pvt Ltd,
Embassy Golf Links Business Park, D Block,
Off Indiranagar-Kormangla Inner Ring Road,
Bangalore - 560071, India
Phone: 91-80-41776858