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[eclipse-dev] Announcing Eclipse 4.5 M6 and Luna (Mars M6) with a caution for Mac Users

Mars M6 of the Platform Project is ready for download or updates, EXCEPT for Mac users.
Mac users, you must start with a fresh download, for the new "Mac App" layout; you can not "update" to M6, and worse,
if you so, or already have, you will end up with a broken installation. Our apologies in advance.
But, it is "recoverable". For details, see

And, read all about it! See what else is New and Noteworthy in M6. There is a lot in there!

The usual links:

        Eclipse downloads:

        Update existing (non-production) installs:

        Specific repository good for building against:

        Equinox specific downloads:

And, as usual, this announcement is specific to the Eclipse Platform Project. the "all in one" packages (EPP) will be complete in about a week.

Thanks to everyone who made this milestone possible!

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