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Re: [eclipse-dev] I need your help with Great Fixes for Mars

I believe that I have received enough commitment (via private email) to move this forward. Many thanks to the committers who have stepped up!

If you haven't already formally committed to help, please do feel free to participate (especially if you're moving a greatfix contribution through the process anyway).



On 03/02/15 03:49 PM, Wayne Beaton wrote:
I've assembled a "Great Fixes for Mars" programme. It's set up as a skills competition in which contributors submit fixes to compete. There are prizes for winning contributors. This is similar to the "Great Bug" thing that we've done in the past but with more of a "give us a patch" sort of flavour.

I need your help. Specifically, I need two or three committers from some combination of Platform, PDE, and JDT to commit to identifying and working with two or three "greatfix" bugs each.

Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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