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Re: [eclipse-dev] I need your help with Great Fixes for Mars

Hi Wayne

I'll try to take two.


From:        Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        03.02.2015 23:07
Subject:        [eclipse-dev] I need your help with Great Fixes for Mars
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Greetings Eclipse committers.

I've assembled a "Great Fixes for Mars" programme. It's set up as a skills competition in which contributors submit fixes to compete. There are prizes for winning contributors. This is similar to the "Great Bug" thing that we've done in the past but with more of a "give us a patch" sort of flavour.

I need your help. Specifically, I need two or three committers from some combination of Platform, PDE, and JDT to commit to identifying and working with two or three "greatfix" bugs each.

This shouldn't take too much of your time.


Contributors pick a bug, assign it to themselves, mark it with the "greatfix" keyword, and commit to a delivery date in a comment.

If, as a comitter, you decide that there is a fighting chance that the contributor will actually follow through, then add a "+1" comment indicating that you're interested in the contribution and will give it some attention when it arrives.

More details:

For a contribution to qualify as a "Great Fix", it must require no extraordinary input from you. We're looking specifically for people who can follow the contribution guidelines set by the project and generally do the work based on their existing skill set. This should not require any significant work over and above the sorts of things that you are probably doing already with regard to handling contributions.

Having said that, if you feel that there is value in investing in a contribution, that's your call.

Putting a "+1" on a bug does not commit you to do anything more than pay attention to the bug. If at any point you feel that the contributor does not have the skills required, you can withdraw (or just alert me and I'll inform the contributor).

Dani recommended the list of Platform UI 4.5 planning bugs as a starting point for contributors. But we're not limiting this artificially. If somebody wants to try something different, they can. It's still up to you to +1 indicating that you're willing to give the contribution some attention (or not).

A contribution qualifies when a committer accepts it.

There are three cycles, ending on EclipseCon, M6, and M7; actual dates are noted on the web page. I'll be looking for qualifying bugs in the days before the deadline.

The judging criteria is on the web page. I can probably do most of the quantitative judging, but would be looking for you to help with the "impact on the community" qualitative assessment.

Who can help me? Please contact me either via this list or private email if you prefer.

For completeness, I am in conversation with the Web Tools project to join in this. I will ensure that prizes are fairly allocated to both projects (i.e. there's no risk that Web Tools contributions will get all of the prizes in any cycle).



Wayne Beaton

The Eclipse Foundation

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