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[eclipse-dev] Split UI/non UI plugins and features?


a typical pattern around projects is to split UI and non-UI components into separate plugins and features. As I am starting out with a new project I would like to understand this pattern a little bit better. It is easy to understand to split views, menu declarations, dialogs, ... from the model code. So separating this into a project.core and project.ui makes sense. But does that mean that the core plugin shall not have any dependency to other eclipse.ui plugins? Eg. if I want to create an eclipse service I immediately get a dependency to o.e.ui.

Futhermore: whats the use of providing a core feature and an UI feature? The only usecase I could think of is a user creating its own headless RCP without any UI components included. I am not even sure if you could build an RCP without and UI components.


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