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Re: [eclipse-dev] Recommended working style with gerrit & bugzilla

I think it depends on the project. 

In platform we want to have a bug and we also link the Gerrit review and Bugzilla entry including a link to the  final commit which we post into the Bug report.

I frequently open an umbrella bug for a number of commits / Gerrit reviews, cleanup bugs for warning message come into mind.

Hope this hleps.

Best regards, Lars

Am Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014 schrieb Christian Pontesegger :

now that a lot of projects are already using gerrit and code reviews, how do we handle tracking of issues?

Say I provide a small bugfix, should I still raise a bug additionally to the gerrit topic? If yes: what should be done first and should these 2 entries link to each other?

Of course bigger topics should be discussed on the bugtracker. I was facing this question because a bundle was missing to include its scheme files to the build. Is this worth an official bug report?

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