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Re: [eclipse-dev] Icon design templates

Storing all images within the project is fine, yet quite unnecessary. If you start browsing with the Plugin Image Browser you'll see what I mean. But that's another topic.

To me icon design is a tedious task. I would love to have more templates, svg versions of most common icons. Recently I read about the new save icon. There should be a common place to develop and store such things.

Doing it all over again for each project enforces to do it a little different each time which does not help for a common look & feel.

What about other licenses? May we use CC commons icons? Does it make sense to mix them with eclipse icons? Is there already an accepted set of icons (beside the eclipse ones) we may use? Are there icon designers available in other projects? Actually I feel quite left alone with this topic. That's why I suggest to create a common pool for people to get started.


Currently each project stores its own icons. So for your project can you store any images you need. If you want to store  svg versions of your icons in  "org.eclipse.sdk.images" that would also be possible. I think "unfinished" icons should not be stored in  "org.eclipse.sdk.images".

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