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Re: [eclipse-dev] Status of "README.MD" support?

Thanks for everyone's help and advice.
Thought I'd document what I've learned ... sounds like many know most of this already, but I did update the wiki Denis refers to with a few of these points.

1) Yes, I did not know it was on a separate "about" tab ... assumed it would be more prominent than that -- and, if i is "wrong", there is no about tab so at first I didn't know what you all were talking about :)
2) Case is important, in getting the about tab to appear. will cause about tab to show up, but README.MD will not. I'm sure this is a bug of some sort since if you spell out the URL ... /about/ it is displayed no matter what the case.  (I'd search/open a bug on the CGit project ... but apparently they do it all through mailing lists, which seems awkward and too much trouble to go through .... makes me appreciate Eclipse even more!)
3) Only the in the master branch matters ... I initially assumed you could put info about specific branches right there in that branch ... but, apparently not. So ... I'm just including pointers to our wiki. :(  
4) There can be a substantial delay (such as 5 minutes) if you've already loaded a particular page, before changes show up -- even 'shift-refresh' won't force a refresh (at least, to get the about tab to show up).

Hope this helps others,

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Date:        02/14/2014 08:49 AM
Subject:        Re: [eclipse-dev] Status of "README.MD" support?
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On 02/14/2014 08:28 AM, Thanh Ha wrote:
I only works for the file though as far as I'm aware and creates a "about" page, here's an example from the CBI repo [1].

There are over a dozen file names that can be used to produce the "about" page.  I've added a blurb here:

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