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Re: [eclipse-dev] New RCP book

Hi Bernhard,

The simultaneous release process [1] does have this note:

"The UI should be frozen by M6 (a "freeze" all major changes and additions are done by M6, and changes after that are done in a controlled, well documented fashion, so Babel translators can more easily "keep up" with late changes). "

While this is mainly referring to message strings that will need translation, the general goal is to have major features in by M6. One consideration for you is that based on the newly updated Eclipse Foundation logo, there will likely be new icons coming into the platform for the Luna release. I don't know when this will happen yet but M6 is a reasonable goal for that. Since icons appear in every window it is one of those pervasive changes that requires new screen shots.



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Hi all,

I'm currently writing an Eclipse RCP book with Eclipse Luna / v4.4. It is nearly finished.

Currently all screenshots in my book are based on Eclipse Luna M3. Because I expect changes from M3 to the final Luna release and to avoid that screenshots in my book are outdated, I would like to wait for a user interface freeze of Eclipse Luna. After this release I will replace all outdated screenshots with the newest versions.

Therefore I studied your project plan to find out when an UI freeze is planned (

But unfortunately I cannot find any information about an UI freeze which is very important for book authors, because they want to publish a book as early as possible. I only can find that Milestone 6 is called "API Freeze" and milestone 7 is titled "Feature Freeze" ...

Can you tell me when the Luna UI is stable or an UI freeze is planned? Does "Feature Freeze" include an UI freeze?

BTW: I would like to port a RCP application to a Sony PS4 (BSD Unix derivate). Are there any projects to port SWT to the PS4?

Best regards,

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