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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse 4.3.2 and Equinox (Kepler SR2) RC1 are available

This is the first "release candidate" for Eclipse 4.3.2 and Equinox Kepler SR2. There will be 3 other RCs, with the official release planned for February 28. This first one we call a "warm-up" RC, in that it is not a true "release candidate" ... that is, its is not tested as systematically as the remaining RCs will be, and there are some bugs we know we still want to fix before the true release candidate (RC2).  Put another way, the community and adopters are welcome to test this version if you'd like, but ... if you have limited resources and want to test something close to "final", we recommend waiting until RC2.

        Eclipse downloads:

        Update existing (non-production) installs:

        Specific repository good for building against:

        Equinox specific downloads:

As a reminder to casual readers who may not track the complete week-by-week Simultaneous Release schedule, these URLs are for the "Eclipse Platform" specifically,
and not the "all-in-one" packages produced by the EPP project. Those packages (for RC1) will be available in one week, on January 24.

Many thanks to the community, contributors, and committers who are making this service release possible.

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