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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse Committers: we now have a specific "target file" for prerequisites for Kepler SR2 builds and Luna

I wanted to be sure this message "got out" to everyone since might impact you, committers.  
We now have a "PDE target file" in our Tycho/Maven builds where we name specific repositories and pre-req versions for our builds. [1]

This is important since it makes our builds more reproducible, especially in the long run, as versions of pre-reqs change, where we won't always want to "get the latest" version of something, such as from Orbit.

It is significant to all committers though, since if you add a new "prereq" to your file, it won't be picked up automatically as before, but instead you'll have to open a bug in releng and have it added to the target file ... for current version, see
(You should also, please, open a bug to have a prerequisite removed from the list, if you stop using it).

Another "up side" though is that in your IDE, you should able to use this file as a regular, shared "PDE target runtime" so you will "get" the non-platform pre-reqs added without necessarily installing the exact version of Eclipse, as your development environment, that you are developing for (at least in some cases). This might be helpful in other scenarios, such as if you are "considering" moving to a different version of a pre-req, you can make a local change in PDE target to do local, initial testing.

While I've mentioned this in status meetings, thought I'd send this note to be sure everyone knew about this change.


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