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Re: [eclipse-dev] How to have access to restricted Class

The whole point of the other bundle (plugin) not exporting P (containing C2) is to not let you use it. That is, P (and C2) is implementation detail of the other bundle. So you should not use it. This like wanting to use the private method of another class. That class declared the method private because it is not API and not intended for other classes to use.

If P (containing C2) is important and should be API, then you should convince the owner of the other bundle of this point and have them change the bundle to export the package P.

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I have created my own plugin and I start to develop my classes.
My problem is: in  Class « C1”, I need to have access to the restricted Class “C2” implemented in a non-exported package “P” in another Plugin.
Are there any way to have access to this class in order to use its methods.
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