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Re: [eclipse-dev] Write access to repos for release engineering

> I know when I took over for Kim's tasks, it was explicitly decided not to do that, since it didn't really follow "the committer rules" and was acknowledge to be a
> "hack" of the rules in Kim's case.

Kim only had the commit rights so that our releng scripts (i.e. the builder) could tag the projects. She did not use it to change manifests or other things in those projects. In the new Git area, we fixed this "hack" by introducing a new technical user (e4Build), so that the builder is decoupled from a real person. This "user" now also automatically updates the map files and sends out the releng mails.

Until CBI/Tycho can generate those parts in a pom file, which are already present in the manifest and, a valid approach could be, that the builder updates the pom.xml and commits it via our technical user.


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