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Re: [eclipse-dev] Write access to repos for release engineering

I'm the last person to have any say in the matter, since I'm not a committer on any of those projects (and might even be a PMC level question) but I know when I took over for Kim's tasks, it was explicitly decided not to do that, since it didn't really follow "the committer rules" and was acknowledge to be a "hack" of the rules in Kim's case.

Naturally, its great to have extra help, from Thanh and others, but are there patches that committers are slow to respond to? Or, just a question of you volunteering Thanh's extra help? If the former, I suggest the first step would be for Thanh to post a note to the project's dev list first, with a friendly reminder that such and such patches are x days old, and are holding up, what ever. If just extra help, I'll leave it for others to decide, but IMHO, committers are going to have to understand this stuff enough that what ever they accomplished with PDE build (e.g. by using custom call backs) that they be able to accomplish with Maven ... and in that regard, we'd greatly appreciate Thanh (and others such as yourself) educating us, not just saying "here's a fix that works", and letting committers off the hook. Just one opinion, I could see other points of view. And, I'd certainly have no objections if committers from other projects wanted to "vote him in". BTW, if this is just about 3.8.2/4.2.2 LTS support, that's work that should be taking place in the LTS space anyway, right? And we would not be holding up anything there.

Just my 2 cents,

And, we do really appreciate the help of Thanh and others!

From:        Krzysztof Daniel <kdaniel@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date:        03/13/2013 05:24 PM
Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Write access to repos for release engineering
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Hello Eclipse masters,

The CBI team (especially Andrew and Thanh) worked hard to get the build
working and provided patches for many of your plugins. Unfortunately, as
a consequence of the switch, your responsibilities got bigger. You're
now expected to know and manage your poms, and you're responsible for
keeping your part of Eclipse building.

There's no Kim the build fixer.

I know that everyone is stretched to the limits, so I'd like to propose
a write access to *all* CBIzed projects to Thanh. Having someone with a
good knowledge of the entire CBI should be beneficial for everyone - and
restore the tradition of a releng engineer being able to fix (or break)


Best regards,

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