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[eclipse-dev] For M6 PDE can detect pom/bundle version mismatch

For 4.3 M6 PDE can now detect mismatches between your bundle version (in and POM version (in pom.xml).  It is important to keep these files in sych as mismatched versions will cause local CBI builds to fail and requires CBI developers to waste time opening bugs.

This check will add a problem marker to your pom.xml if a mismatch is detected.

You must turn on this check using Preferences > Plug-in Development > Compilers > Versioning > Mismatched plug-in and pom.xml artifact version because the setting defaults to Ignore.  The PDE Compiler options can also be set on a per project basis on the project properties page.

Eventually this functionality may be moved into Tycho or CBI, but this provides an immediate way to reduce the workload on Thanh and others working on our CBI builds.  If you have any problems or recommendations for this functionality the discussion is on Bug 402583.


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