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[eclipse-dev] Discussion topics for today's status meeting:
  • What's our standard for java source code encoding? Join the fun discussion in ...
  • Proposed Plan for RC3/M5/RC4
    • Last scheduled M5 build tonight, 8 PM, sign-off tomorrow, contribute Friday
    • If that final build goes well (and no need for Thursday respin of M5) then we'll respin RC3 on Thursday with the known bugs fixes.
      • What are those bugs again?
      • Will schedule 3.8.x for 8 AM Thursday and 4.2.x 10 AM Thursday (Eastern), but will 'pull plug' if problems with M5
      • sign-off RC3 tomorrow, contribute RC3 on Friday
    • I believe some bugs are still planned for RC4? Should those builds be "on demand", once PMC approval is given? Final RC4 build on Wednesday?

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