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Re: [eclipse-dev] Converting the platform-incubator project to git

I talked about this with Paul and I am in favour of 3). We long ago decided to merge Platform Incubator and e4 together, but I think we just forgot about finally merging their content together. Since the source code in question is quite small, it won't add extra bulk to the e4 repository. Here is the bug where we decided to do this in the past but just never made it happen:


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Date:        11/02/2012 12:14 PM
Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Converting the platform-incubator project to git
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With CVS being decommissioned at the end of the year,  I've converted /cvsroot/eclipse/platform-incubator to a git repo (I haven't quite posted it yet).

For all that it's a platform incubator, it's mostly full of UI experiments and tools.  I'm open to suggestions:

1) I can go ahead and create /gitroot/platform/eclipse.platform.incubator.git and make its acl group eclipse.platform.ui

2) I can create /gitroot/platform/eclipse.platform.incubator.git and make its acl something more general, like eclipse.platform
3) I can just fold it into /gitroot/e4/org.eclipse.e4.ui.git because we use E4 as a platform incubator now, so no need for a separate repo

Let me know what you think.


Paul Webster
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