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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - 7 Dec 2011

I had meant to bring this up during the call today for discussion:

When merging master into integration branch for the I-Builds is there a
recommended way to generate the releng notes that we used to get with the
CVS releng tools and the previous git report scripts?

Should the build simply generate this report automatically for each


  From:       Curtis Windatt <Curtis_Windatt@xxxxxxxxxx>                                                                          
  To:         eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx,                                                                                            
  Date:       12/07/2011 09:06 AM                                                                                                 
  Subject:    [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - 7 Dec 2011                                                                   

Planning Meeting Notes
7 December 2011

- working towards Juno M4 (test day, bug fixing, N&N)
- adopted the 'Using annotations for null checking' feature
- bug fixing
- vacation

- fixed several memory leaks in Table and Tree on GTK
- fixed ToolItem tooltip problems in 4.2 stream (GTK and Cocoa)
- TIFF Group 4 work continuing
- testing for 4.2M4
- 3.8/4.2-stream bug triage and bug investigation

- testing towards 3.8/4.2M4
- bug triage

- merged flexible viewer refactoring (
- testing towards 3.8/4.2M4
- bug fixing / triage

M4: waiting for Jetty team to produce new bundles we can consume for our
-testing new builder bundles, new compiler
-perf baselines - you can release changes to the perf_37x branch in Git
-update to new Orbit build and Jetty bundles
-bug fixing

- M4 test pass
- 3.7.2 test failures fixed (bug 365132)
- M4 test failures fixed, waiting on next I build to verify (bug 365325)
- Regression found in new plug-in creation wizard, did not setup API Tools
correctly (bug 365661)

 - Working towards Juno M4 (test day, bug fixing, N&N)
 - Verification went OK, a few minor issues here and there, nothing major.
 - Released support for null analysis via null annotations.
 - Had the customary milestone week visitation by the git monster:
 - No more planned items for M4 at this point.

- We have two baseline runs now and able to distinguish the noise.
- Have filed 365849(Platform/UI),  365846(PDE/UI) and 365841(JDT/UI)

Platform Workspace:
- Bug 363048 - Moving project into its subfolder deletes it when project
name is also changed [in progress]
- Bug 356448 - Allow GitProjectSetCapability to accept SCM URIs [fixed]
- Bug 365573 - team map is broken by SDK build [plan to fix it by Friday
before next MBuild]
- inbox tracking
- nothing more planned for M4
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