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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - 7 Dec 2011

Planning Meeting Notes
7 December 2011

- working towards Juno M4 (test day, bug fixing, N&N)
- adopted the 'Using annotations for null checking' feature
- bug fixing
- vacation

- fixed several memory leaks in Table and Tree on GTK
- fixed ToolItem tooltip problems in 4.2 stream (GTK and Cocoa)
- TIFF Group 4 work continuing
- testing for 4.2M4
- 3.8/4.2-stream bug triage and bug investigation

- testing towards 3.8/4.2M4
- bug triage

- merged flexible viewer refactoring (
- testing towards 3.8/4.2M4
- bug fixing / triage

M4: waiting for Jetty team to produce new bundles we can consume for our milestone
-testing new builder bundles, new compiler
-perf baselines - you can release changes to the perf_37x branch in Git
-update to new Orbit build and Jetty bundles
-bug fixing

- M4 test pass
- 3.7.2 test failures fixed (bug 365132)
- M4 test failures fixed, waiting on next I build to verify (bug 365325)
- Regression found in new plug-in creation wizard, did not setup API Tools correctly (bug 365661)

 - Working towards Juno M4 (test day, bug fixing, N&N)
 - Verification went OK, a few minor issues here and there, nothing major.
 - Released support for null analysis via null annotations.
 - Had the customary milestone week visitation by the git monster:
 - No more planned items for M4 at this point.

- We have two baseline runs now and able to distinguish the noise.
- Have filed 365849(Platform/UI),  365846(PDE/UI) and 365841(JDT/UI)

Platform Workspace:
- Bug 363048 - Moving project into its subfolder deletes it when project name is also changed [in progress]
- Bug 356448 - Allow GitProjectSetCapability to accept SCM URIs [fixed]
- Bug 365573 - team map is broken by SDK build [plan to fix it by Friday before next MBuild]
- inbox tracking
- nothing more planned for M4

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