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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - 30 Nov 2011

Planning Meeting Notes
30 November 2011

- continued work on showing matching brackets in Overview ruler
- continued work on hover for matching brackets
- continued work on support for attaching a pre-built index to a library
- bug fixing
- vacation

- gtk3 work
    - several patches from Alex (Red Hat) committed
    - Cairo graphics work continuing
- TIFF Group 4 work continuing
- fix released to 3.7.2/4.1.2 streams:
    - bug 363084 - NPE can occur when closing Browser in detached view
- new accessibility wiki page:
- several 3.8/4.2-stream bug fixes, in particular in the areas of Cocoa and Accessibility


- Coding work completed on supporting pre-built indexes.
- Code review and performance characterization in progress.
- On discussion with stake holders to understand how important
 it is to support compressed index files packaged in a jar as
 this could mean some performance degradation during search.
- If you have strong opinions for/against compressed indexes
 in a jar, share them by responding to
- Code review and final testing for improved null analysis support
 via annotations:
- Vacations,
- Inbox tracking, newsgroups, etc …

- Need some more baseline runs and runs to filter out noises.

Platform Workspace
- Bug 363048 - Moving project into its subfolder deletes it when project name is also changed [in progress]
- Bug 356448 - Allow GitProjectSetCapability to accept SCM URIs [in progress], blocker for Bug 327381 - Add support for Eclipse-SourceReferences header
- inbox tracking

- API Tools test failures in M builds caused by backported JDT Core fix (365132)
- Continued work on target per project (159072)
- Inbox triage, bug fixing

-Test builds for autotagging maintenance streams
-Test builds for new bundles and dealing with the subsequent corrupted project
-preparing for Git migration of remaining releng and feature projects
-attended Eclipse 10th birthday party in Ottawa

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