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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - 23 Nov 2011

Planning Meeting Notes
23 November 2011

Discussion Topics:
- Are there any outstanding problems with using the ‘integration’ branch for building?  What are our plans for maintenance builds?

- Performances started running for 3.8
 I20111122-0912: Filed bug 364566

- started work on reading TIFF Group 4 images
- continuing Cairo on GTK work
- changes made to support XULRunner 7 are not adequate for XULRunner 8 (crashes at startup), investigating
- 3.8/4.2 bug fixing

- Ankur has stepped down co-lead, Curtis is exclusive PDE lead
- p2 repos in targets now execute configure phase while resolving (
- Fixed regression in target UI when working with features (
- Integration branches created for pde ui, pde build, pde feature
- Bug fixing

- continued work on showing matching brackets in Overview ruler
- started to work on hover for matching brackets
- started to look into JDT Core's support for attaching a pre-built index to a library
- bug fixing
- vacation

Platform Workspace:
- Bug 363048 - Moving project into its subfolder deletes it when project name is also changed [in progress]
- Bug 263919 - Synchronize must not abort when log-in to repository fails [fixed]
- Bug 352016 - [Sync View] Team synchronization filtering [fixed]
- Bug 356448 - Allow GitProjectSetCapability to accept SCM URIs [in progress], blocker for Bug 327381 - Add support for Eclipse-SourceReferences header
- switched to the new release process
- inbox tracking

- Progress on improved null analysis via null annotations.
   Patch is ready and is being reviewed and tested.
- Progress on pre-built index support - Implementation under review and test.
- Several incompatibilities in varargs support vis-a-vis Oracle compiler fixed.
- Improved java7 support, fix for a couple of bad code generation scenarios.
- Vacations.
- Inbox tracking, newsgroups etc.

- Bug fixing
- Inbox triage
- Code review

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