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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - 16 Nov 2011

Planning Meeting Notes
16 November 2011

Discussion Topics:
Do we (or Eclipse Foundation) plan to remove cvs repsitories for Eclipse SDK during June development cycle?

- Fixed Java 7 API tools tests (360580)
- Fixed keystore problems in build tests (363720)
- Bug fixing, Inbox triage

- completed code review for viewer refactoring (
- worked on deadlock bug with the breakpoint manager (
- bug fixing / triage

- fixed a performance problem in the Package Explorer when refreshing class folders
- added "public static method" template
- improved Javadoc hover/view to show method parameter annotations
- continued work on showing matching brackets in Overview ruler
- bug fixing

- TreeCursor control released
- GTK Cairo work continuing
- investigating newer gtk releases than are currently being used on AIX, Solaris, HPUX
- 3.8/4.2-stream bug fixing

-Added servlet 3.0 and jetty 8 to build.  Many test builds to implement this.
-Removed Equinox incubator feature from build
-Stopped building building jetty5, jetty6 and org.mortbay.jetty.* bundles
-Added Bidi bundles to the rcp feature and enabled associated tests
-Working on performance baseline generation

- Git authentication issues resolved and we had a very welcome uneventful week
    from git p.o.v.
- Bug fixes, progress on M4 plan items
- Inbox tracking, news groups etc.

Platform Workspace:
- fixing core.resources bugs for M4
- Bug 345668 - Modify Releng Release tool to work with Git, marked WONTFIX,
we are just fixing Copyright Tool to make it work with Git
- Bug 363048 - Moving project into its subfolder deletes it when project name is also changed [in progress]
- Bug 263919 - Synchronize must not abort when log-in to repository fails [in progress]
- Bug 352016 - [Sync View] Team synchronization filtering [in progress]
- Bug 356448 - Allow GitProjectSetCapability to accept SCM URIs [patch for EGit attached], blocker for Bug 327381 - Add support for Eclipse-SourceReferences header

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