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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes Nov 9, 2011

Planning Meeting Notes
9 November 2011

- EclipseCon Europe attendance
- started to work on showing matching brackets in Overview ruler
- started to work on Clean Up that converts multiple catch blocks to a single multi-catch block and vice versa
- bug fixing

- continuing work on XULRunner 7, Cairo graphics, and TreeCursor
- 3.8-stream bug fixing, including:
  - 363084 - NPE can occur when closing Browser in detached view

- Stephan Hermann (JDT/Core committer) represented us in EclipseCon Europe
 and gave a presentation on null annotations support (planned for M4 and
 prototyped earlier in 3.7 cycle)
- Progress on key M4 plan items: pre-built indexes support, null annotations
- M4 planning, bug fixes, inbox tracking, newsgroups etc.

Platform Workspace
- all 3.7.2 bugs fixed, recently fixed bugs:
   bug 363158 - [Backport] NPE getting module children when not retrieved by deferred
   bug 361930 - [Backport][Repo view] Module disappears in CVS Repositories view
   bug 354593 - [backport] NPE in CompareEditorInput.setDirty in Eclipse 3.7 [ID-MAMS9]
   bug 361417 - [backport][Edit] memory leak in compare with each other
- Bug 345668 - Modify Releng Release tool to work with Git, working from the scratch on the cvs branch, we are targetting at having working tool for our basic scenario in M4 and when the process is defined (see 345668, comment 16), we will modify the tool to support the process
- Bug 345669 - Ensure Copyright Checker/Updater works with Git, scheduled for M5
- Bug 352016 - [Sync View] Team synchronization filtering [in progress]
- core.resources calls will be resumed this week

- Fixed regression in launch configuration (bug 352808 and 356853)
- Fixed persistence problem in target platform changes (bug 362602)
- Two 3.7.2 fixes, two bugs still open
- Bug fixing, triage

- bug fixing / triage

- bug fixing / triage
- code review for viewer branch:

-Attended EclipseCon Europe last week
-Met lots of people, attended some great talks, ate some nice German pretzels, my talks went well
-Good feedback on the IBM booth which included pictures of the Eclipse family from over the years.  You can see them here
-Meeting with the Eclipse foundation etc regarding Long Term Build support
-trying to catch up on Bugzilla backlog

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