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Re: [eclipse-dev] [platform-releng-dev] eclipse.platform.ui Git repository is operational again...

> If gerrit is used, your feature branches are shared via gerrit
> before being merged in. I prefer not to clutter the canonical
> repository with feature branches, they should live in gerrit imho
> and evolve there until ready to merge in the proper area. In the
> end, git gives you some flexibility with how you want to handle your
> workflow :)


If gerrit is used... That is not the case today for sure.

I am no gerrit expert, but I think gerrit puts the branch in the repo, just not under refs/heads/. So you don't avoid the branch refs.

I also not sure that gerrit is the right tool for long running branches which may contain experiments.

In any case, until such a workflow is developed and put in place, we can't use denyDelete=true.  (not sure how gerrit would work with denyDelete=true?)

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