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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Post-Notes - Apr 27, 2011

All teams please ensure you update target milestones on your bugs to reflect what you intend to address in 3.7. There are currently 192 bugs open with 3.7 target milestones within Platform/JDT/PDE, and another 86 in Equinox. Here is a query to use:

The Eclipse Project PMC has decided that all new example code in the Eclipse project can use the Eclipse Distribution License. Teams are encouraged to use this license for *new* example content that is written for the purpose of demonstrating use of our APIs, etc. Note that we will not attempt to re-license any existing examples, because of the legal clearance work this requires. If there are particular examples that you think would greatly benefit from re-licensing as EDL, please bring them up with the PMC. Instructions for using EDL, including a sample copyright header, can be found in this EMO policy document:

Reminder that the Indigo end-game starts next week, with a two-day test pass on Monday/Tuesday:


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