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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Apr 20, 2011


- performance results not generated for the recent builds (Bug 343814)
- huge regression in a JDT/Core test (Bug 343815)

User Assistance:
- milestone testing and bug fixing
- reviewing all open bug reports looking for any that can be closed

- 3.7 bug fixes, including bug 342755, which could be the cause of various
 recent painting bugs in GTK 2.18+

- 3.7M7 testing

- 11 bugs left for 3.7 including 1 critical
- polish bugs:
  - bug 319661 - Patch wizard excludes changes in projects that it can't
    connect [fixed]
  - bug 149121 - ObjectNotFoundException prevents opening workspace [fixed,
    but have to revert part of the fix till RC1]
  - bug 263919 - Synchronize must not abort when log-in to repository fails
    [moved to RC1, may be postponed to 3.8]
- bug 343815 - [performance] Huge regression in
  FullSourceWorkspaceModelTests#testCloseProjects [in progress]

- 1 performance bug left
- 3.7M7 testing
- prepare new and noteworthy
- bug fixing / triage
- public holiday

- investigated test time-outs on Mac on Hudson
- 3.7M7 testing
- prepare new and noteworthy
- bug fixing / triage
- public holiday

Rel. Eng.:
- running JUnits against IBM JDK 7.0
- thanks to JDT, SWT, and debug teams for their fixes to address issues
  with running tests on Mac Hudson slave over Xvnc:
- fixing performance test issues
- investigating a way to run JUnit tests without the SDK for Equinox
 incubator bundle tests

- SDK is missing many source bundles due to p2.user.ui feature reorganization:
  - this has to be fixed for M7, working with Andrew to solve this issue

JDT Core:
- diamond case implementation is complete and released in the BETA_JAVA7
  - this means that all jsr334 features are now implemented in the compiler
- bug triage/fixes
- vacations
- APT handling of error types is also released


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