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[eclipse-dev] Planning meeting notes 20110223

Tom: The last OSGi-related changes are in CVS now.

Dani: Finally, the JDT team has access to the Java 7 information (in a way that would allow an EPL-licensed implementation). Work on Java 7 support is happening in a branch. This work might not make it into 3.7.0 but if that's the case, a separate download will be made available, and the Java 7 support would go into 3.7.1.

McQ: Wants everybody working on the Eclipse SDK to use Eclipse 4.x for self-hosting. Those who have reasons to not use 4.x need to make sure that they file bugs about them so they are not forgotten.

Boris: There is a discussion happening about resources that are out of sync with the file system, and whether we can do the refresh automatically for users at the time the content is accessed. See

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