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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 23, 2011


- started conversion to Java 5
- started to work on EclipseCon presentations
- tested running our tests on Java 7 JRE and fixed some tests
- bug fixing

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- added hyperlink for break/continue (awaiting review)
- fixed accessibility issues
- continued work on smart indent/paste bugs
- tested running our tests against Java 7 JRE and fixed some tests
- bug fixing

JDT Core:
- new API added to ease the retrieval of method's parameter annotations
  in the java model
- bug triage/fixes
- vacations
- work on Java 7 JSR334 implementation
- finalizing work on bugs tagged M6

 - bug fixing

 - bug fixing
 - discussions about adding a top-level debug toolbar:
 - updated Platform Debug tests to be more stable:

Rel. Eng.:
- test builds for Hudson changes, now have better access to
  servers to troubleshoot issues
- 3.6.2 is synching to mirrors in preparation for this week's release
- patches are ready to integrate jacoco code coverage into the build once
  the CQs are approved:
- bug fixing

- investigating control-in-trim API (Windows 7 and Cocoa)
- working on application menu API and implementation
- EclipseCon preparation
- 3.7-stream bug fixes

User Assistance:
- bug Fixing
- work continues on improving search scope dialog

- 3.7:
  - N20110217-2000: Regression in Ant performance tests
    - filed bug 337950 to track this
  - N20110219-2000: nothing new
  - I20110222-0800: nothing new

- Bug 330490 - API and UI to configure SCM URLs for import [fixed]
- Bug 307587 - NatureManager is NOT threadsafe causing incorrect
  responses to isNatureEnabled() (and others) [in progress]
- updating the 3.7 plan


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