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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 16, 2011

 Discussion Topic

- what should screen shots be taken in for platform doc?
  - with Windows 7 becoming more and more common should we use the default
    Windows 7 theme?
  - should we use the 'Windows XP mode' (or whatever it is called) in
    Windows 7 to capture them?

User Assistance:
- after a security related bug is fixed how long do we wait to open the bug
 report so anyone can read it


JDT Core:
- Java 7: continuing to implement jsr 334
- bug fixes/triage
- released one last fix for 3.6.2.
- working on getting new APIs in place for M6
- added "javadoc" as a new @SuppressWarnings token

- bug fixing

- bug fixing
- vacations

API Tools:
- bug fixing
- vacations
- producer-based migration task work progressing:

- 3.6.2 testing went well
- reviewing code for application menu functionality (OSX and Windows 7)
- investigating drawing problems with GTK 2.20
- investigating surrogates for unicode use on GTK
- reviewing some BIDI patches

- bug fixing

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- investigated and fixed intermittent issues with performance tests on Linux
- improved NLS tooling regarding invalid Unicode escapes
- continued work on smart indent/paste bugs
- bug fixing

User Assistance:
- committed changes to improve help view appearance ( plan item)
- continuing to work on defining API for help servlets
- bug fixing and triage

- 3.7:
  I20110215-0800: nothing new
  N20110212-2000: nothing new
  M20110210-1200: nothing new

- bug 76386 - [History View] CVS Resource History shows revisions
  from all branches [in progress]
- bug 336686 - the regression in IBuilds [fixed]


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