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Re: [eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Feb 9, 2011

Platform Workspace:
- working on blockers for "create Hudson build to run JUnit tests on one
      - Bug 335460 -. trying to write to read only folders on windows 7
platform when running
org.eclipse.core.tests.internal.alias.BasicAliasTest.testBug198571 (FIXED)
      - Bug 336659 -
org.eclipse.core.tests.resources.regression.Bug_233939.testBug tries to run
mklink on windows 7 test machine (in progress)
      - Bug 334935 - hudson proxy issues (does not look like a problem with
the Eclipse proxy itself, however I help Kim and others to fix it)
- fixing project preferences bugs with a new contributor Szymon
      - Bug 202384 - can not reload text file encoding prefs
      - Bug 335591 - [prefs] ProjectPreferences are not loaded (FIXED)
- Bug 334930 - Provide a way to refresh that finds new children without
doing attribute checks on other resources
(planned contribution from Chris R., we are expecting a prototype in a
- investigating the regression in the latest IBuild, see Bug 336686 (the
problem cause likely by the fix for Bug 62547)

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