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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Oct 27, 2010

 Discussion topic

- Many of the libraries that SWT depends on are not available for the
  powerpc64 distribution of Ubuntu 10.04, so users of this distribution
  cannot use Eclipse/SWT without building these libraries themselves.
  Ubuntu 10.04 powerpc64 is NOT a reference platform on the Eclipse 3.7
  plan, however Ubuntu is a popular distribution in general.  Should the
  recently-discontinued powerpc32 builds of Eclipse/SWT be resurrected
  for the benefit of Ubuntu powerpc users?

Rel. Eng.:
- Currently, these tests are running on win32.win32.x86 zips:
  - should this be changed to win32.win32.x86_64?


- working towards 3.7 M3 (full day test pass, N&N, bug fixing)
- added 'Pin' functionality to Call Hierarchy view

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- working towards 3.7 M3 (full day test pass, N&N, bug fixing)
- added native2ascii support in NLS tooling
- added 'Format Element' action for Java Outline view
- various NLS tooling improvements and fixes

JDT Core:
- more investigation on the APT memory issue. Using a binding
  environment looks promising
- finalized work on unused detection for private field and locals using
  only in postfix _expression_ or compound assignment
- preparing ESE
- few fixes in generics
- improved error reporting when invalid archives are placed on build path

- minor bug fixing & triage

- released Ant task for "consumer based API use report" (bug 322571)
- continued work on integration of use scans into IDE/build (bug 310547)
- reviewed patch for creating JUnit workspaces inside a directory (bug 127719)
- triage

- 3.7M3 testing
- various 3.7 bug fixes, including:
  - bugs 150870/219133 : Printer getDPI returns 72 x 72 (GTK/Cocoa)
  - bug 324236 : Links and JS actions opening a new window do not work (Cocoa)
- almost done:
  - bug 324005 : Add IAccessible2EditableText support to Eclipse
- the usual newsgroup support and bug triage

Rel. Eng.:
- have successfully tested running JUnit tests on Hudson Windows 7 slave
- for example see:
- 106 failures out of 65,560 tests - many of the failures are due to issues
  on the new infrastructure, will address them but this is good progress.
  Will be glad to be out of the hardware business!
- Hudson also keeps a history of your results and compares them with past
- these tests currently take longer on hardware than on existing
  hardware but I've asked the foundation to allocate more ram to speed them up
- discussion item:
- 3.7M3 + testing new bundles
- bug fixing

User Assistance:
-  working on extension point to define alternate entry URL to help Webapp
-  investigating  accessibility  of help view when screen reader used

- 3.7:
  - I20101019-0800: nothing new
  - N20101021-2000: nothing new
  - N20101023-2000: nothing new
  - I20101026-0800: nothing new

- All M3 bugs fixed


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