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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Oct 20, 2010

[ Did I miss anybody? The status seems kind of thin... ]


- provided patch for PDE to allow using separate workspaces for JUnit
  plug-in tests by default
- continued work on 'Pin' functionality in Call Hierarchy
- bug fixing
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- converted 'org.eclipse.ui.examples.javaeditor' from old-style plug-in
  to real OSGi bundle
- implemented hyperlink that allows to navigate to a type declaration and
  return type directly
- investigated IllegalStateException which turned out to be issues in the
  Ant Editor
- continued work on native2ascii support in NLS tooling
- bug fixing

Platform UI:
- Problems view improvements:
  - quick-fixable problems now the same as in editors
  - allow to invoke Quick Fix on multi-selection
  - Quick Fix dialog shows icons of the proposals
  - button enablement fixed in the Quick Fix dialog
  - view icon now decorated with error/warning (under investigation)
- performance fix in FilteredItemsSelectionDialog

- triage
- bug fixing and patch reviewing

- continued work on integration of API Use Scans into IDE
- continued work on consumer based API Use report
- investigating improved license support in PDE/build (bug 306818)

Rel. Eng.:
- ecj and ecj source bundles are now published in our repo
- test builds for new aix.gtk.ppc platform
- many test builds for running JUnit tests on hardware
- 3.7M4 build schedule. Please note that the last build of the day has
  been changed to 8pm EDT:
- bug fixing

- mac native toolbar work released
- WebKit on Windows work continuing
- reviewing various printing bugs/features that have patches
- putting pieces in place for 32-bit AIX GTK builds
- investigating Bad Window bug on 64-bit AIX:

User Assistance:
- working on improving search result ranking
- extension point to use alternate home page for help deferred to M4

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