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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Oct 13, 2010


- the JUnit view now allows to paste an URL to a test result XML
- added UI for new Javadoc compiler option to (not) report missing
  tags for method type parameters
- continued work on 'Pin' functionality in Call Hierarchy
- bug fixing
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- improved text editor font configuration
- started to work on new hyperlink that allows to navigate to a
  type declaration directly
- continued work on 'Format Element' action for Java Outline view
- improved auto-indent in case of wrapped code
- bug fixing

Platform UI:
- improved text editor font configuration

- monthly debug platform community meeting:
  - discussed enabling multiple instances of debug views in the
    platform to allow extenders to experiment with multi-context

- bug fixing/triage
- continued work on API tools work items

JDT Core:
- bug fixes/triage
- continue work on APT memory issue
- Welcome Stephan Herrmann as a new JDT/Core committer; webmaster
  has provisioned his account
- vacations

- 3.6:
  - M20101006-0936: nothing new
- 3.7:
  - I20100005-0800: results not fully available
  - N20101007-2000: nothing new
  - N20101009-2000: nothing new

- investigating extending the Shell trim (with controls) on
  Windows 7
- investigating the Windows 7 equivalent of native Mac toolbar
  in order to settle on API
- WebKit on Windows development continuing
- Accessibility: text edit APIs mostly implemented on Linux

- Bug 207510 - Call to IResource.setEncoding() persists derived
  file's encoding setting in
  .settings\org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs [in progress]
- fixing and improving (e.g. Bug 242057, Bug 325367)
  [in progress]
- Bug 306746 - FULL_BUILD called during AUTO_BUILD on non
  AUTO_BUILD builders after CLEAN_BUILD [fixed]
- Bug 307140 - Refator->Move a project to subdirectory deletes
  it [fixed]


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