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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Oct 6, 2010

 Discussion Topics

- the last scheduled build (aka test candidate) is on Tuesday 01:00 EDT
  which means the build is available way too late some teams:
  - in Europe we had the M2 test candidate at around 12:30 our time and
    in India it was already late afternoon
  - I propose that the last (i.e. test candidate) build is on Monday
    20:00 EDT. This will ensure that we all test on the same build. Teams
    that have fixes after 20:00 will have to submit them to the next
    build after the test pass

- Now that 64-bit AIX (GTK) is done, switching the current 32-bit AIX
  Motif implementation to instead be GTK-based is straight-forward:
  - Should this be done for 3.7?


- added new compiler option that allows to include 'assert' when doing
  null analysis
- continued work on 'Pin' functionality in Call Hierarchy
- bug fixing
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- started to work on improving text editor font configuration
- continued work on 'Format Element' action for Java Outline view
- continued work on native2ascii support in NLS tooling
- continued work on auto-indent improvements in case of wrapped code
- vacation

- improving restoring top index / selection in variables view:
  - bug 324100 and 326917

- started work on integration of API use scans in IDE
- continued work on consumer based API use reports
- updating documentation for API tools ant tasks
- work in PDE build regarding license mechanism:
- bug fixing

Rel. Eng.:
- added aix.gtk.ppc64 platform to build
- thanks DJ for patches to modernize Equinox build page
- added XML links to test results notification:
  - thanks to Olivier for your patches
- version compare tool now compares against entire repo in 3.6.x
  stream as well
- testing to run JUnits in Hudson at
- bug fixing

- 64-bit AIX (GTK) Eclipse now being built regularly
- WebKit on Windows legal review complete and development continuing
- bug 222859: Support native Mac toolbar:
  - investigating Windows 7 support also
- Accessibility: implementing APIs to enable users to edit text
  controls via AT
- welcome to our newest member Arun Thondapu!

- reviewing patches from the community
- fixing and improving (e.g. Bug 242057, Bug 325367):
  - [in progress]

- 3.6:
  - M20100929-0800: nothing new
- 3.7:
  - I20100928-0800: nothing new
  - N20101002-2000: results not available

JDT Core:
- worked on APT memory usage issue
- investigated a new NPE in 3.6.1 related to external folders:
  - no steps to reproduce so far
- vacation
- added new option for null analysis and assert statement
- welcome Stephan Herrmann as a new committer for the jdt.core project
- bug fixes/bug triage


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