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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meetings Notes - August 18, 2010

- investigated whether JDT UI can change the way how file replace / copy over existing is handled
- any change in this area is in too many places and too complicated
- Platform support for it is missing but required to get an uniform story (see bug 269067)
- converted org.eclipse.jdt.junit to J2SE-1.5, working on org.eclipse.jdt.ui now
- auto-expand single constructor in Call Hierarchy if 'Expand with Constructors' is enabled (awaiting review)
- added checks to prevent the creation of two packages named with different case (awaiting review)
- 'Errors/Warnings' page now allows to filter a section for a value
- 3.7 planning

Platform Text and JDT Text
- allow to reverse the Find/Replace search via 'Shift' modifier (work in progress)
- keep focus in the current Find/Replace widget when hitting enter or mnemonic (work in progress)
- 3.7 planning

JDT Text
- continued work on 'Open from Clipboard' command
- 3.7 planning

- 3.7 planning
- bug fixing, including:
- : segfault in pango_layout_new when closing a dialog
- vacation

- working on 3.6.1 fixes (bug 315694 and 307280)
- Szymon is on vacation, returning next week

- Added execution environment variable ${ee_home:<id>} that resolves to the installed location of the associated JRE
- Added API to Common, Environment, and Source Lookup launch tabs to override default context help identifier

- Created 3.7 development plan:
- Added API to retrieve the build model for plug-in (308623)
- Bug fixing

User Assistance
- Fixing security bugs 319344. 320547 and 322374
- 3.7 planning

- Defect fixes for 3.7 M2, 3.6.1
- Inbox tracking, triaging, newsgroups.
- 3.7 planning
- vacations

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