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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Aug 4, 2010

[ not sure if I missed anybody's status or not. These are the only ones I saw. ]


- added new UI that allows to filter the elements on the 'Errors/Warnings'
  preference/property page:
  - please give it a try. Could move to Platform to make it available to others
    as well
- Call Hierarchy offers additional search scopes via new 'Search In...' view menu
- Call Hierarchy now refreshes automatically after switching scopes
- 'Move Type to New File' no longer looses comments
- reviewed and committed external contribution that adds JUnit 4 support to the
  'New JUnit Test Suite' wizard

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- added 'Open Hyperlink' command
- 'Properties File Editor' no longer ignores "insert spaces for tabs" preference
- improved fix for color problems in hovers related to WebKit

PDE and Debug:
- minor bug fixing
- 3.7 M1 test pass

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