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Re: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse Project 4.0 Release

Francis wrote:

"Since the Eclipse SDK is not validated by all of the other products that ship on top of it, I think the best that can be argued is that it's beta quality. And the 2010-11 cycle can be spend as the beta test period for this technology so that the 2011 release will not be a beta release (whether you call it 4.0 or 4.1 does not matter I think)."

Francis, I've been around for a while and can not think of a single product that has ever had a year-long 'beta' (I do know some that should have...;-). I do agree that ensuring that the target audience for the July release must be clearly defined and that its web presence must make this obvious but AFAIK the thing we're working on is *not* a beta (but also agree that it will not be up to eclipse's existing production quality).

Other than that I must say that I'm quite pleased about the apparent 'buzz' surrounding the release, it hasn't been publicly hyped much by us (perhaps unfortunately as we're now faced with
the existing misconceptions) but it's still encouraging to see that both the product and developer eclipse communities realize that the goal of producing an upgraded foundation for eclipse is a good thing.


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