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Re: [eclipse-dev] Re: [e4-dev] Eclipse Project 4.0 Release

* Oberhuber, Martin <Martin.Oberhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2010-04-20 11:45]:
> For sure there's ever increasing number of Linux Distros such as Fedora picking
> up the Eclipse SDK

Thanks for the shout-out, Martin :)  Fedora will not be packaging 4.0 in
the short term after its release and neither will Debian (the other day
I made a point of speaking with the Eclipse packagers in Debian to make
them aware of this).

That being said, I _know_ we will all have users asking why the latest
version isn't packaged.  I'll try to work with John and others to come
up with some consistent message we can get out to Linux distribution
users to explain the situation.


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