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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 17, 2010

[ Please check the link in the rel. eng. section re avoiding build breakages. Kim and others ended up doing long hours and weekend work to get M6 out, which should not be required.]


Rel. Eng.:
- M6 released and submitted to Helios
- we had a lot of build breakage last week. Here are some steps to
  avoid build breakage.  Please update it with suggestions as you see
- testing generating source references in the manifest:
- testing 3.6M6 bundles in builder
- eclipsecon preparation

JDT Core:
- 3.6M6 verification
- planning M7 work
- getting PMC approval to remove deprecated method
- vacations
- Eclipsecon preparation
- continued investigation for APT memory usage

- 3.6 M6 test pass
- minor bug fixing in M7

- 3.6 M6 test pass, new & noteworthy
- M7 planning
- bug fixing

- shipped 3.6 M6
- 3.6 M7 planning
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- shipped 3.6 M6
- 3.6 M7 planning
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking
- vacation

Platform Search:
- made 'Show In' for line matches work

- 3.6M6 testing went well
- EclipseCon preparation
- bug fixing and newsgroup assistance

User Assistance:
- we have a new commiter, Chris Austin
- bug fixing and testing
- created bug reports to track the final UI changes to the
  criteria feature

Platform Workspace:
- M6 - fixing, testing, N&N etc.
- reviewing M7 plan:
  - mostly polishing, but some minor features planned
- Bug 303751 - Need UI for fast project import from snapshot data
  [in progress]
- for other items, see the plan:
- EclipseCon preparation
- e4 Resources BoF accepted

- 3.6 perf tests:
  - page results are still manually generated
  - results for second windows machine (epwin3) look weird
  - builds verification:
    - I20100311-1616: nothing new
    - I20100312-0800: nothing new
    - I20100312-1448(3.6 M6):
      + JDT/Core:
        1) bug 306170: regression in one Type Hierarchy test
        2) bug 306172: invalid duration for one Type Hierarchy test
    - N20100313-2000: nothing new
    - I20100316-0859: nothing new

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