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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 3, 2010


- added UI for new code formatter options
- added new command to show a focused ruler annotation tooltip
- worked on UI to configure source attachments for referenced JARs
- continued to work on refactoring to move secondary type to new file
- inbox tracking
- vacation

Platform Text and JDT Text:
- continued to work on Open Hyperlink command
- fixed resource leak in BrowserInformationControl
- bug fixing
- inbox tracking

Platform Search:
- fixed File Search's file name patterns history

- Bug fixing

- Working on API for writing/importing source repository headers
  in bundles (bug 243582 and bug 195729)
- Support to manage target definitions with features
- Support to launch Eclipse applications with features
- API to read/write headers in bundle manifests (bug 303375)
- Bug fixing

JDT Core:
- Bug fixes
- Polishing API for source attachment and javadoc attachment for
  referenced classpath entries
- Completed few features for the code formatter
- Eclipsecon preparation
- Provided patches to clean up compiler warnings in builds
- Continue investigation on APT memory consumption

- released e4 renderer for CTabFolder
- accessibility work continues
- finalizing new API for accessibility and Jump List (Windows 7) / doc
  tile menu (OS X)
- working on XULRunner support for 64-bit Cocoa (XULRunner just
  recently became 64-bit clean on OS X)
- bug fixes, inbox triage, newsgroups

User Assistance:
- Bug fixing and testing of criteria feature
- Working on Context help bugs

- Continuing the work on p2 API.
- Working on new API for async application results:
- M6 bug fixing

- 3.5 perf tests:
  - 3.5.2 perf results will be those of 3.5.2 RC3 due to a problem
    with DB storage while trying to re-run the tests again.
- 3.6 perf tests:
  - page results are still manually generated
  - new baselines results since 02/24
  - builds verification:
    - I20100224-2242:
      + bug 304191 (JDT/Text)
      + bug 304193 (JDT/UI)
    - I20100302-0800: nothing new

Platform Workspace:
- polishing and fixing Applying Patch in Sync View
- final API work:
  - Bug 301563 - Fast project import from snapshot data
    [in progress]
  - Bug 304199 - [Path Variables] Second review pass for Dynamic Path
    Variables API
  - reviewing API added in 3.6
- Ed B. is on SFS in e4, see:
  - for some
    useful details
- for other items, see the plan:

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